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As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start it with the products Fastefully offers you.

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The edible mug!

Much like the wafer cone of an ice cream, Fastefully cups are fully edible and remain in the solid state for nearly forty minutes when the hot drink is in it. Another strong point is that they do not alter the taste of milk, itself already flavored by straw, but they are none the less tasteful. Wheat, oats, muesli, you're the chef!


For everyone!

To continue its ecological approach, Fastefully offers a cow's milk from organic farming and a 100% vegetable almond milk. But why buy her milk here, you say? Well for a very simple reason, Fastefully introduces a returnable glass bottle system that allows you to benefit from a significant reduction on your next order. So, convinced?


Strawberry, apple, chocolate...

Made from cane sugar and organic meat syrup, water and seaweed, straws are 100% edible! And they are also 100% compostable. Since their launch, they have replaced 150,000 plastic straws. In addition, they are surprisingly delicious, so do not hesitate, make your choice!

Still having doubts?

Frequently asked questions

Do the cups contain GMO?

No. The product does not contain GMO. All Fastefully products are GMO free.

What is the best-before date for the cups?

To ensure the crispiness of the cups it is best to be consumed within 6 months of production.

What is the shelf life of a straw Fastully?

Made from seaweed, Fastefully straw can not survive for more than 24 months in nature. It biodegrades itself. Better: if you put it in a liquid, it will evaporate in only 24 hours. So, no risk of finding it in the stomach a turtle or a seagull ...

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